Another Winter Awaits   Leave a comment

I find myself in the midst of Autumn, realizing that Summer has, once again, slipped on by. Many adventures, lots of sunshine, a few new friends. There wasn’t as much new exploration of the back-country as I thought there might have been, but you can’t do everything.
I’ve started to re-imagine my end of the island, and I just keep thinking about water gardens. Japanese water gardens to be specific. There is always an inner turmoil of the purpose one feels they “should” use land for, especially when it is in limited quantity and quality.
I’m still in my floathouse, despite ideas that I feel it, once again, “should”, be on land. Regardless, it’s doing a bang up job. However, it still brings up feelings of the security and practicality of building on land, brings me back to thinking that perhaps the end should have it’s purpose rooted in that ideology. The ideas of beautiful garden, both aesthetic and fruitful, is a hard thing to want to disuade myself from. I have my ideas, and they are wonderful. So, if I can’t rid my obsession of forever building, we might be able to get somewhere with that department.

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Cabin Take-down   Leave a comment

I haven’t been doing very well about posting very much, lately. Springtime is a little busy and not having my computer in my floathouse makes for fewer postings. However, I will note that I did take down my little cabin today, piece by piece, without much breaking or wrecking of much material. I decided that it just didn’t fit the space anymore, and with my garden starting to look nicer and nicer, I figured that having my view back as well as removing something that I didn’t really NEED, was the right choice. I did the preliminary work of removing the interior and insulation a couple of days ago, as well as taking the roof off yesterday. Today consisted of taking everything else about the structure down to the subfloor.
I’m planning on possibly dragging the whole floor structure off the land and building a little float with it. We will see though.
I will try and put up a few more posts soon, as I’m sure I have a build-up of projects I haven’t been mentioning.

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Another Garden bed   Leave a comment

I realize that I’m not that great of a vegetable gardener, but I’m trying to be better, and so I’ve built another garden bed. I think that this one might be used for potatoes. I think that I might build some more garden beds for ornamentals, as well🙂.

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New (Old) Futon and More Shelves   Leave a comment

I was able to acquire a retired futon from someone and it was exactly what I needed right now, as I was starting to get a little sore from sleeping on a pile of blankets that I had layered up into a “mattress”. I didn’t want to buy a full blown mattress because they really are just a big block of foam (ugh), and I didn’t want to buy into that. I admittedly did by a foam topper for when I was sleeping on the blankets, but, thankfully, it wasn’t a mattress, but there is some guilt there.

I’ve managed to build another shelf and a temporary one (the bottom one). What I’m planning on building for the lowest shelf, is a counter that’s probably going to be between 16”-20” wide and around 7′-10′ long. It’s going to extend out past the other shelves, and that section I will use as a desk! As you can see from the one photo,  my computer and monitor fit nicely underneath the other shelving, and it’s right across from the bed, and so it’s excellent for movies!

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Shelving   Leave a comment

I have been using these lumber brackets for quite a few things now, and I love them.
I noticed that where anything was pushed up against the exterior walls, there was condensation happening. And, in a couple spots, there was even a small amount of mold starting to happen. Needless to say, I cleaned up all the moldy spots, and started to move EVERYTHING that was up against the walls, away from them and off the floor near them, as much as possible.
Back to the lumber brackets. I decided that I really needed to get as much stuff off the floor as possible, and I think shelving is going to be the answer, as opposed to furniture; such as a dresser.

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My Laundry System.   Leave a comment


I’ve been using this old washboard and ringer dryer for washing and drying my laundry. It works well, I was surprised. The washboard does a good job of rubbing out the dirt and the stains, and the ringer is a cool little unit (and kinda pretty too!). I still need to fabricate a proper mount for the ringer, so that it can sit over the tub properly without me having to brace it.
I will say that my Carhartt pants are a little much for the dryer and it doesn’t quite get all the water out as much as my other clothes, but, it’s done a fine job so far.

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A beautiful sunset.   Leave a comment

I don’t normally post things like this, but this was one of the better sunsets I’ve seen in quite a while. It happened yesterday, and it surprised me as I came out from behind an island. It was amazing.

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